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Matthew Lorick

Originally from Blythewood, SC, Matthew Lorick is an rising composer, audio engineer and percussionist. Lorick began his musical studies with choral and piano studies, but quickly developed a passion for percussion. He currently is seeking a Music Performance degree at the University of Texas at Brownsville, where he studies under Dr. Thomas Nevill and Mr. David Lopez.

Lorick is known for his audio and original music on the internet. His music can be heard all over videogame developmental sites. Currently, he is writing music for indie games such as Castle Chase 2, Ninja Scale and Legend of Vanadia. Most recently, his original percussive works are beginning to come to life with the debut of the publication of his 4-movement marimba solo, Sky Garden (published by Percussion Music Europe).

Lorick has studied extensively and explores specific elements and cultures to implement a new style to the percussive world. He uses his original music as soundscapes and hopes to expand the overall percussive library with a new and fresh sound. Lorick previously held positions as the Director of Percussion at Indian Land High School in Fort Mill, SC, and Richland Northeast High School in West Columbia, SC. While serving at Indian Land he also was the Battery and Front Ensemble Arranger, where his works lead the section to various “Best Percussion” captions.

He currently resides in Brownsville, TX with his girlfriend, Andrea, and their dog, Marley.