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Nico Camps

Nico Camps was born in Meeuwen (B) in 1976. From a young age he had a strong fascination for music. On his 15th Nico chooses to study percussion in music high school (Kindsheid Jesu) in Hasselt (B), where the foundation is laid by Werner Theunissen and Andres Liefsoens . A logical continuation seems the Lemmens Institute in Leuven (B). Teachers who have shaped him as a percussionist are Francois Tielemans, Leo Ouderits, Ludo Claesen and Carlo Willems. Here he won a first price percussion (with Francois Tielemans) and pedagogy.

Currently Nico is a full-time teacher percussion and ensemble at the Academy of Art ( N.I.K.O. ) Neerpelt (Belgium).
With the percussion ensemble of this school (SlaEn N.I.K.O.) he obtained the highest score for percussion ensembles at the competition at the WJMF in Zurïch (Swiss) in July 2012.

In 2013 he founded the percussion group ' Vibracoustic ' , where he remains a conductor to date. Nico composes and arranges for percussion ensemble and solo percussion ( DMP - Dutch Music Partners ), plays with his own band ‘Backyard Giants' and is a much sought after freelance musician.