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The duo format in jazz can be very challenging. Although it does offer great freedom in which to create, it also demands new and greater responsibilities. A bigger group enables more timbres, textures.. Read More
We are looking for new compositions and composers for DMP. If your hobby or profession is writing original and artistic music for percussion, then you should read this section.​ First thing to do.. Read More
We’re very proud to announce that our new line of digital shproduct-var9eet music – – is online now. Fifty of the finest compositions for percussionists a.. Read More
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CD TOUCHED compositions by  Carlos Passeggi


Play When the Sun shines over Los Andes
Play The Return of "Gran Yumba"
Play Anda Rondando un Malambo
Play The River and it's Murmuring
Play The Travelling Phantom
Play Milonga pa 'los Villa
Play Altiplano
Play 'Milongueado' a Golpes

Play Coena Rudimentalis
Play Three Dances for a Pendulum - Dance I
Play Three Dances for a Pendulum - Dance II
Play Three Dances for a Pendulum - Dance III

Wake up Momo! (Video)
Play Pitina's Kitchen